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Hong Kong (i): Sauna City

At this point, my time in Hong Kong was four months ago. In the interim there have been weddings, another month in Timor-Leste, and an amazing few days in Tokyo, but Hong Kong still sticks in my memory as another fantastic Asian metropolis. I often tell people Tokyo is my favorite city, but Hong Kong sits comfortably in my top five. It's an oppressive sauna of a place, even more so than was Da Nang, and I often found myself having difficulty staying hydrated and even breathing, but it's an amazing, dense, delicious, and at times serene place. The verticality of the place makes Manhattan look lilliputian by comparison. The view from Victoria Peak is amazing, if infuriatingly crowded. Quiet oases like the Chi Lin Nunnery are mercifully refreshing respites from the city. I did, however, spend a lot of my time hanging out in Central and got quite well versed at navigating my way through downtown through all the underground passages and covered tunnels to spend as much time in air conditioning as possible. Like a lot of cities that I only visit for a few days, I wish I had more time to explore and eat my way through everything I missed. Here are a handful of photos about Hong Kong. Stay tuned for the food porn.