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Faces in 2015

In 2015 I happened to be engaged in a bunch of photography projects that involved portraiture. Both at home and while traveling, I found myself taking more portraits than I have in my past photography experience. I've grown to appreciate the storytelling potential in capturing faces within the context of place and time. Here are a few of my favorites from the year.

I also have a lot of photos I've taken of kids I've encountered while traveling. They are always the most fun to photograph. I'll post a bunch of those next.

J + T

My earliest memory of J is him lying to me and letting me believe he was adopted throughout all of high school. T is bright and kind and exceedingly earnest. This was long overdue and it only took J asking me to hide in the bushes at the National Cathedral for it to happen. 

Personal note - I have another large batch of Timor-Leste photos/stories that I haven't posted from my last two trips in the gap since my last post in December. This is largely because I've since worked on a number of travel stories for my pals over at Topo Designs and Huckberry and even a couple forthcoming for Lonely Planet. I, incidentally, am flying out this afternoon for another assignment in Papua New Guinea, which I will be following up with a week in New Zealand. Bucket list worthy stuff upcoming. Stay tuned.