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Of Seattle & Sandwiches

I spent this past weekend in Seattle visiting an old friend from high school. I had intended it to be a fairly low key weekend and not the usual rush-around that I usually do when I visit a new city. Seattle was a good city for it too. Things are leisurely. The people are nice. There seemed to be a preponderance of small, independently owned shops and much fewer large chains than other cities. There were a lot of cool, small restaurants. And, as I'd been warned, the weather was quite overcast, but fast moving. Cloud systems rolled in constantly. Soft, almost imperceptible drizzles dampened my coat. There was some sun the second day though.

As for food, I think I got a good sample of what Seattle has to offer. Dougnuts at Top Pot. Meatball sandwich at Salumi. Taiwanese food at Facing East. Southern comfort food at Skillet Diner (chicken and waffles AND PORK BELLY). Caribbean roast sandwich at Paseo (delicious and ridiculously messy). A solid sausage pizza at Delancey. My friend and I spent both evenings in Ballard, a popular nightlife area in Seattle. It was remarkably subdued compared to some of the scenes in other large cities. And not in a bad way. It felt unhurried and more relaxed. Definitely more my speed.

It's always interesting to catch up with old friends. It always lends an extra bit of perspective to things. You get to see how and how not people (and you) have changed. At once sobering and comforting. I watched The Bourne Legacy on the plane ride back. It was awful. Otherwise, it was an enjoyable and relaxing weekend. I can't say I'd ever insist on living in Seattle, but I don't think I'd mind it terribly if it happened.

In other news, I recently did some freelance writing/photo work for the Washington Post Express and my story about ramen in DC is running this Thursday (I believe). Pick up the free rag if you care to check it out.