Brian Oh: {food, travel, photo}


On January 21, 2017, I joined hundreds of thousands of women and men down on the National Mall and even more around the world to march. It was a peaceful and joyous demonstration of dedication to equal rights for all genders, sexual orientations, and ethnicities, but also for intelligent policy and reasonable discourse. Each person had their own cause and I wanted to take a sample of them. I really liked the 'WHYIMARCH" hashtag, so I thought I'd take a series of portraits of marchers and ask them to give me three words for why they marched. There were echoes of unity,justice, and solidarity and those galvanized for the four years ahead, but also more than a few expressions of specific outrage on behalf of loved ones and communities. The result was the below:

It was a wonderful experience getting to experience such a small sliver of the much larger population rising up against the threats to our civil liberties. Everyone was exceedingly kind and warm. Compare that to the sentiment on Friday and you can't help but be encouraged.